The fusion process has started! Stay tuned!
Nuclear Pixels Project
When pixel acceleration becomes a science.
Nuclear Pixels Project: The Planck Era!
Before everything was unknow and unexplainable, beyond our understanding, but something was about to happen - an explosion shook the Universe - the one which would allow the initially highly concentrated mass to spread across the vast space of the Cosmos and shape the World how we know it today. The Nuclear Pixels project has started by two passionate software engineers currently deployed at CERN (ohh snap Nuclear Physics right?) helping the humanity to solve the mysteries of the Universe. Besides the serious stuff, we like to have fun, thus the main goal of this project is to have fun. The game development in our opinion is the synonym of the word fun and we hope we will prove this to those who dare interacting with pixels we accelerate.
The 'Helium' team
'Helium'? At the moment the team is composed by two people, which corresponds exactly to the number of the protons in the nucleus of the helium atom. We foresee the nucleosynthesis to allow us to fuse into 'Lithium' soon, as both particles involved in the interaction are bad at drawing.
InWar: Kingdom Rebirth
New platformer tower of defense game. Get into insane action mixed with RPG experience. Battle through campaigns based on real historical events. Challange other heroes from all over the world and prove you are worth in multi-player mode. Follow our dev blog for the latest updates.
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